Prep U firmly believes young ladies need to see, interact, and work with professional women who are where they are striving to be.

Meet some of the dedicated, passionate Professors of Prep University.

prof JasmineJasmine Gabriel

Jasmine Gabriel is a native of Oklahoma City. Jasmine loves to motivate and inspire young girls by helping them to see themselves in a way that brings love, joy, peace, and confidence. “The key is recognizing that YOU ARE ENOUGH.” Jasmine has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Oklahoma State University. Aside from doing motivational speaking, Jasmine is a Financial Budget Accountant and Business Owner.

prof KimKimberly Harding-McKinney

Kimberly Harding-McKinney was born and reared in the great State of Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian University. Kimberly has worked for the State of Oklahoma’s Insurance Department for 18 years. Kimberly’s passion for volunteering and helping others fill her spare time.

prof KrystleKrystle Hampton

Krystle Hampton is a student at Oklahoma City University School of Law. She loves The Lord and enjoys movies and shopping in her spare time. Helping young women to be motivated and feel better about themselves is her passion and that’s what she strives to do everyday.

prof kashaundaKaShaunda Hudson

KaShaunda Hudson is a native of Oklahoma City. At a very young age she knew she always wanted a career in the field of law. After graduating from Douglass High School with high honors, KaShaunda decided to pursue a science degree in Paralegal studies, of which she has used go work as a Paralegal for the past 9 years. During her adult life she has been drawn to and compelled to helping and mentoring young women and girls with any need they may have. Alongside helping young ladies KaShaunda is a Foster care provider and recruiter. She is also an active member of her church.

prof QuinetteQuinetta Jones

Quinette Jones graduated from Douglass High School. She currently attends OSU for Nursing. She is a daycare owner and operator. Ms. Jones is a dedicated mother and wife.



prof paula picPaula McDade

Paula McDade is a native of Oklahoma City and the Founder and Director of a nonprofit project called Aim for Success. As a survivor of sexual abuse, trauma, and domestic violence, she passionately uses her voice to speak to audiences across the country, particularly women and girls who struggle with their identity because of abuse, past mistakes and low self-esteem. She is CEO of Angel Unaware Graphic Design, and an Independent Associate with LegalShield. A multi-talented speaker, gospel vocalist, and writer. Paula hopes to leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren which will bless many for generations to come.

prof dr palmerDr. Mariechia Palmer

Dr. Mariechia Palmer, Executive Director of SPRING Eternal. Dr. Palmer is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor with a Mental Health Credential (LADC/MH) working to address co-occurring mental health and substance abuse needs. She is also a candidate for a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Dr. Palmer holds her PhD in Human Development and Family Science. She has teaching experience in parenting and development courses and enjoys being a part of the learning experiences for adolescents and adults.

prof kyshaKysha Williams

Kysha Williams is a native Oklahoman. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice from The University of Central Oklahoma in May of 1995. Ms. Williams graduated from Oklahoma City University College of Law in 2001. She currently manages the Williams Law Office, P.C., where she has represented athletes in boxing, track, football, and baseball; she has also represented aspiring authors, musicians, amusement park administrators, production companies and mix martial arts fighters.

prof TeresaTeresa Williams

Teresa Williams is currently a behavioral health rehabilitative services specialist. Mrs. Williams passion is working with at risk youth. Mrs. Williams attended Langston University earning a Bachelors in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her masters in Psychology to earn her LPC in order to further her passion for working with youth.